Who Is a Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full Mouth Reconstruction St George, UT

A full mouth reconstruction involves several procedures that can help you enjoy a better smile. You might have always wanted an ideal smile so that you can feel better about yourself. You might get dental crowns, implants, inlays, bridges, or other treatments. That can enhance your smile, making you happier with it. Keep reading to learn more about whether you are a candidate for the procedure.

Who should have the treatment?

A full mouth reconstruction involves multiple treatments. The ones used depend on the patient. The dentist will customize and combine them to suit the patient. Still, the procedure is not for every patient. Some might want it, but others require it. In some cases, patients might not benefit from it.

Those who have some form of tooth loss might be the right candidates for the treatment. That could include fractures, chips, or other injuries to the teeth. Patients who have significant tooth decay might also be the right candidates. First, the dentist will attempt to save the patient’s teeth. Still, not every tooth is savable, so it might need replacement.

Those with TMD disorders might benefit from full mouth reconstructions, as well. That affects the muscles controlling the jaw. Some other conditions can affect the teeth and bite of the patient. If the patient has the disorder, there might be symptoms like jaw issues or headaches. In that case, a full mouth reconstruction might be the answer.

Other candidates

Full mouth reconstructions are adequate procedures for those with cracked or missing teeth. Patients with gum disease or broken teeth could also benefit. However, the patient will need to give the dentist a list of medications and health history. There might be other relevant medical information, as well. With that data, the dentist can then create a treatment plan to suit the patient’s needs.

Is anyone not a candidate?

Some patients might not be good candidates if they do not have good oral health and are unwilling to change. Those who use drugs or smoke are also not candidates for full mouth reconstructions. Each issue might stop the patient from healing or having long-lasting results. Plus, those with immune problems or heart conditions might need to talk to a doctor first.

Caring for the results

It is critical to care for the results of the procedure. Otherwise, the results might not last very long. First, it is essential to brush the teeth daily using a soft toothbrush. The patient should use toothpaste with fluoride to protect the teeth. Removing the plaque each day is necessary for long-term success.

Regular dental appointments are equally critical for patients. Hard foods might chip, crack, or otherwise damage the teeth and restorations. Patients should avoid nuts, fingernails, candies, and other substances. Sometimes, a mouthguard might be necessary for those who play sports. A night guard can protect the teeth during the night from grinding.

Choose a full mouth reconstruction today

Talk to your dentist if you are considering a full mouth reconstruction. The dentist can talk about how it works and give the patient some advice. You can work with the dentist to select the right procedures. That will enhance your overall well-being and quality of life.

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