When Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Necessary?

Posted on: September 10, 2019

If you have a plethora of oral problems, then you may be wondering if a full mouth reconstruction is a good choice for you. You can get an idea of whether you are a candidate for this procedure with some basic information. Visit your dentist to get their input if the following information describes you.

Full mouth reconstruction for severe damage

Dentists typically recommend full mouth reconstruction to patients with severe mouth damage. The process usually involves several simultaneous procedures to achieve a natural, healthy smile. So, full mouth reconstruction is ideal for those who are unhappy with their current smile. Ideal candidates will need more than one procedure to get the natural smile that they desire.

Full mouth reconstruction is for those who need treatment for the entire mouth. It typically includes several procedures. Full mouth reconstruction is not an option for those who require minimal dental work. Common procedures include bite restoration, muscle restoration and teeth restoration. The reconstruction aims to restore function and aesthetics to the mouth. At the same time, it provides the patient with a gorgeous smile.

Common situations requiring full mouth reconstruction

Many patients need a full mouth reconstruction due to some sort of trauma or damage to the mouth. Here are the most common cases:

Following a serious accident

Some patients need a full mouth reconstruction following a serious accident. An accident involving facial trauma can prevent eating. It can also take away an aesthetically appealing smile. In this situation, patients will find that full mouth reconstruction can be simpler than multiple separate procedures.

Following a broken jaw

Other patients opt for full mouth reconstructions following the breaking of the jaw. Although not always the case, it is common to break or displace teeth when a jaw gets broken. In this case, full mouth reconstruction will be the most efficient treatment. The treatment will return the mouth’s form and function to normal.

After losing several teeth

Patients who have lost several teeth have several options. Full mouth reconstruction is one of these. It is an ideal choice for patients who want a permanent solution to their lost teeth. In this case, dentists typically combine it with dental implants.

From excessive gum disease and decay

Some patients require the procedure due to extreme cases of gum disease and decay. Full mouth reconstruction in this case is only for severe cases. Dentists usually suggest separate treatments in less severe cases. Sometimes, however, dentists find it more efficient and effective to suggest full reconstruction.


If you have a severe level of damage to your mouth, you may want full mouth reconstruction. It may also be a good choice if you are unhappy with the state of your current oral condition. You may also want the procedure if you recently experienced facial trauma. Those with extremely poor oral health may also consider it. When in doubt, discuss the procedure with your dentist.

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