What Will an Oral Surgeon Recommend for My Smile?

Posted on: October 10, 2019

Thinking you need an oral surgeon to improve your smile? If you are currently experiencing multiple or severe dental issues, then making a consultation appointment with an oral surgeon so you can understand exactly what needs to be done to improve your smile is a great idea. An oral surgeon is a dentist who has gone on to complete an additional four to six years of training that qualifies them to perform a number of dental treatments and procedures.

What does an oral surgeon do?

Learning more about what an oral surgeon can do for you is recommended when you want to improve your smile. Besides improving smiles, oral surgeons are also trained in correcting facial birth defects, treating oral cancer, performing surgical procedures on those diagnosed with sleep apnea and using Botox to address certain dental situations, such as TMJ.

What will an oral surgeon recommend to improve smiles?

Since every dental patient is different and therefore and has their own unique dental needs, it will simply depend on a patient’s particular situation when it comes to what an oral surgeon will recommend for improving their smile. The following is a list that includes some of the more popular dental treatments and procedures an oral surgeon can provide to their patients.

They recommend placing dental implants when missing teeth

Dental patients who are missing one or more of their teeth need to choose a tooth replacement option. This is not only necessary for their good oral health, but a full set of teeth also makes for a great smile. An oral surgeon is a dental professional who has undergone extensive training when it comes to dental implant placement. A dental implant is a tooth replacement option that most closely resembles one’s natural teeth, with the entire procedure taking anywhere between four to six months.

They recommend tooth extractions when there is not enough room in the mouth

Many dental patients need their wisdom teeth extracted from their mouth because this extra set of molars is known to cause the rest of the teeth to start shifting out of their proper positions. A great smile is one that includes straight teeth, making it necessary to extract any teeth that are causing the teeth to become crooked.

They recommend corrective jaw surgery

Patients who have been diagnosed with a misaligned bite or jaw may need to undergo corrective jaw surgery to fix the problem. These two common problems directly affect the way one looks when they smile and can be corrected by an experienced oral surgeon. Oral surgery will also repair any functioning problems with eating, breathing and speaking.

Ready to get the smile of your dreams?

Ready to make an appointment with our oral surgeon so you can understand exactly what needs to be done to give you the smile you have always dreamed about? There are many treatments and procedures an oral surgeon can perform to not only improve your smile but your overall oral health, as well. Contact our office today to set up a consultation.

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