How Long Will A Dental Bridge Last?

Posted on: March 8, 2018

Dental BridgeA dental bridge is literally a bridge that fills the gap between teeth. It is supported by crowns on one or both sides for a firm and long lasting grip. They don’t last a lifetime and may need replacement every 8 to 15 years. A dental bridge can make talking and eating very easy and it looks and feels like natural teeth. It is very comfortable, it provides support to adjacent teeth and also helps keep your smile in shape.

Dental Bridge Information

Types of dental bridges:

There are four types of dental bridges; they differ from each other on the basis of the kind of support and the material they are made of.

Conventional dental bridges: In conventional bridges, a false tooth is attached to crowns on either side, which are fixed on neighboring teeth; it is the most widely used type of bridges.

Cantilever dental bridges: In a cantilever bridge, a bridge is supported by a single crown fixed on a natural tooth.  

Maryland dental: Maryland Bridge is a bonded bridge; a metal framework is used to support it. It is the weakest among all four types.

Implant-supported bridges:  A false tooth is supported by dental implants; these implants also prevent bone loss.

Durability of dental bridges:

The life of a dental bridge depends on various factors, like regular dental checkups, taking care of dental hygiene and the type of material it’s made of. The average life of a dental bridge is 8 years but they are properly taken care of, they may last up to 15 years.

The material a bridge is made from also determine its strength, the bridges made of gold are the strongest, however people go opt for ceramic because it looks natural, but the material isn’t close to being as durable than gold.

Care for dental bridges:  

The most important thing is to take care of your oral hygiene, limit sugary food and drinks, and wash your mouth with water at least after every meal. You should keep the bridge and its undersides clean from accumulation of plaque and food particles.

Brush and floss and use mouthwash to keep your mouth germ free, but Regular floss does not work with bridges. So food stuck under the crown and between the joint stay trapped, Soon it starts to decay affecting the gum line and root of neighboring tooth. It may also cause gum infection.

Visit your dentist twice every year to keep a check on the condition of your teeth. As gum infections are painless in the beginning a dentist can point it out during the checkup and will prevent further damage.

Why does this all matter?

The two most important factors that affect the longevity of your teeth are, how well you keep the bridge and its neighboring teeth clean and how you maintain your bridge. Avoid hard foods or cracking nuts with your teeth that may cause damage to the bridge work. Regular visits to your dentist will help with the maintenance of the bridge.

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