How a Dental Crown Fixes a Broken Tooth

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For many people, a dental crown is a good way to solve abnormalities with teeth. If you have a chipped, cracked or broken tooth, you should speak with your dentist about a solution. While there may be multiple options, dentists often prefer crowns. You can once again be free of pain and enjoy smiling.

Comparison with other treatments

Often, poor oral hygiene will lead to cosmetic and health problems. People who do not brush and floss daily may see their teeth deteriorate. Hard blows to the face can also inflict damage. The dentist may consider placing a veneer over the affected tooth. Sometimes, a composite resin filling may be enough to restore the tooth’s form. A patient may even decide to pull the tooth and get an implant.

Deciding to get a dental crown

When a dental checkup reveals a tooth fracture, the dentist will discuss with the patient how to fix it. If both parties agree that a dental crown makes the most sense, the dentist will explain the process. The patient should be aware of the benefits and possible drawbacks of the procedure. Any patients that have questions or concerns about the process should raise these with the dentist.

Preliminary steps

Before getting a dental crown, the patient visits the dentist. In the office, the dentist will take X-rays of the patient’s teeth and will make an impression of their mouth. This information goes to an off-site lab where a technician begins to make the crown. The patient and dentist may discuss what type of material to use for the crown. Often, the crown is made of porcelain, ceramic, metal or a combination of these.

The next appointment

A few weeks later, once the dental crown is ready, the patient returns to the dentist’s office. The dentist begins by numbing the patient’s mouth with a local anesthetic. Once the patient feels comfortable and there is no feeling in the procedure area, the dentist shaves the affected tooth so the crown will fit. The dentist takes the crown and cements it over the broken tooth. The dentist will check to make sure the patient can bite properly and that the crown fits.

A natural-looking choice

The dentist will follow up with the patient a few weeks later. The patient can report whether there is any pain or difficulty chewing on the dental crown. It will be the same color as the surrounding teeth and will be a natural shape and size. It will be impossible for other people to detect that the person has a crown.

Repair your smile now

If you are tired of hiding your smile because of a broken tooth, it is time to do something about it. A dentist near you has the knowledge and training to hide this damaged tooth with a dental crown. Make an appointment today so the dentist can examine your tooth and determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment. Within a few weeks, you can say goodbye to this nagging problem.

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