Get a New Smile with Dentures

Posted on: March 24, 2018

DenturesA majority of people take their beautiful smiles for granted – and what is even truer that we seem not to take care about what we eat. And that is a big problem, especially when it comes to oral health.

It is important to understand that our dentures tend to lose their shape with time as our gums – which is what is holding our teeth in start to become loose and worn out.

The process often has an impact on a person’s overall personality and makes him feel and look older. Not only this, the oral health complication may lead to a variety of psychological problems such as total loss of self-esteem and depression.

However, being a denture wearer, to find out the best denture fixing and replacement process is crucial for you to boost your smile and bring back that level of confidence you once had.

What You Need To Know About Denture

There are mainly two types of dentures you can go for – partial and complete.  A partial denture can be permanently secured or removed and is primarily built around the structure of natural teeth. A complete denture replaces the missing teeth both on the lower and upper jaw.

Why Do You Need New Denture

There can be several reasons where you will have to opt for new dentures. You might be suffering from periodontal diseases – gum disorders, a tooth injury or tooth decay – these problems gradually worsen the condition of the teeth and root completely destroying both.

Moreover, losing teeth does not end anything – it is going to put an extra amount of pressure on the surrounding teeth structure, causing distortion, misalignment and subtle shifting of your existing teeth.

What to Consider for Getting New Denture

Once it is determined that you need a new denture to get your smile back, the first thing you must do is schedule an appointment with a prosthodontist – an expert in replacing and fixing dentures. He will examine your dental structure to identify the right denture procedure for you.  Your dentist may bring a clear picture of the supporting bones, gums and the appropriate requirement for teeth implants. You may need oral surgery to straighten the bony ridges and retain the stability of your dentures.

The other way involves tooth extraction where your dentist provides you with an immediate denture to reinforce the process, enabling your dental implant to adequately heal. Plus, it also serves as a quick replacement for your natural teeth.  By the time your permanent dentures are made, the immediate denture is adjusted to the ridge contours, which are the part of healing process.

The new denture processes have been modernized as they are more comfortable and functional.  They are secured with dental implants to make you feel and look having natural teeth and ultimately improve your new smile.

You might be wondering:

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