Boost Your Health By Asking Your Family Dentist These Questions

Posted on: September 6, 2019

There is no better person to talk to than a family dentist when it comes to boosting your dental and overall health. That is correct; your dental health is closely related to your oral health. You are more likely to develop issues like diabetes, heart disease and strokes when you have poor oral health.

Questions you should ask your family dentist

Here are some questions that will help you get the most out of your next visit to a family dentist:

1. What is the general picture of my oral health?

People who have a clear idea of what direction their oral health is going typically make better choices regarding it. For example, a person who knows they have symptoms of the first stage of gum disease – which is reversible – is more likely to commit to improving their oral health.

Understand one's oral health can also help to pinpoint other areas that can be improved upon like proper nutrition and habits like smoking tobacco – which increases the odds of developing a wide variety of health and dental problems. Simply ask the family dentist how your oral health is looking to get a better idea. 

2. How can my oral health be improved?

Family dentists are not just there to perform treatments on patients. Part of their job is to educate patients about the things they can do to improve their oral health. For example, a family dentist might recommend using a fluoride toothpaste if a patient is vulnerable to tooth decay.

They can also provide tips on proper brushing techniques, and warn patients about products that might be bad for their teeth.

A family dentist also discusses treatments with patients, and explains the pros and cons of each procedure.

3. Are there any issues I need to talk to a doctor about?

At times, a family dentist might notice symptoms of a health issue that is better addressed by a doctor. For example, gum disease is closely related to diabetes, so a patient who has been diagnosed with the advanced stages might be advised to go for diabetes screening.

Dentists are typically the first to detect signs of oral cancer, and that also requires the services of an oncologist.

Other things patients can do to get the most out of their trips to a family dentist

One simple way everyone can boost their health is by showing up for dental appointments as recommended by a family dentist. It allows the patient to build a relationship with the oral care provider, and it makes it possible to diagnose issues in their early stages.

Most problems that develop in the mouth can usually be treated with a non-invasive procedure in their early stages. Patients are advised to never ignore dental issues. Always remember that the pain and discomfort caused by oral problems is the body's way of letting one know something is wrong.

We can take care of your entire family

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