5 of the Worst Dental Habits That Could Require Restorative Dentistry

Posted on: June 5, 2019

Restorative dentistry is the term that describes the process of repairing or replacing a lost or damaged tooth. Dental fillings, crowns, implants, and bridges are popular restorative options. The objective is to restore the natural smile and protect against dental issues.

Bad Dental Habits

Many people engage in bad dental habits that may damage their teeth, therefore requiring a restorative procedure. The following are the worst dental habits to avoid to keep the teeth protected.

Teeth grinding and clenching

Stress is a common trigger of regular jaw clenching and teeth grinding. The level of pressure produced from the act can cause microfractures or actual fractures on the teeth. Microfractures weaken the tooth and make it vulnerable to damages. The habit can also damage dental restorations such as tooth fillings.

Chewing on ice cubes

It is common to find people chewing on ice cubes to satisfy hunger pangs. The issue is that they are too hard to break, especially when it becomes a habit. One forceful bite and the person might end up with a broken or chipped tooth. Exposure to icy temperatures does not help the teeth either. The better option is to drop the ice cube and replace it with carrots or celery sticks. Fruits are better alternatives, but dieters must exercise caution due to their sugar content.

Engaging in sports without a mouth guard

Irrespective of the sports, if it involves body contact, athletes need a mouthguard. The plastic or rubber device is cheap and custom made to protect the teeth. Failure to wear one during sports leaves the teeth exposed to injury if the player receives a hard blow to the mouth. Once the tooth is lost, a dental restoration will be required for replacement.

Opening packages and bottles with the teeth

People who engage in this bad dental habit may suffer a chipped or cracked tooth. It may be a faster and easier choice at that point, but a mistake may lead to a severe dental injury. The tooth is only good for chewing and biting food items –– it is safer to avoid subjecting them to undue pressure.

It will only take about a few minutes to fetch a knife or scissors to cut the package or an opener for a bottle top. The few extra seconds could be the reason a tooth is saved from fractures or breakage that may require restorative dentistry.


Smoking, no matter the frequency, is terrible for the teeth and gums. The only viable solution is to quit, and an incentive might be to remember that smoking greatly increases the risk of developing oral cancer. Quitting smoking might be hard, but the body needs it to stay healthy and prevent diseases of the oral cavity.

In conclusion

If engaging in poor dental habits leads to damaged teeth, restorative dentistry will be required to restore them. The best choice is to avoid these habits altogether, thus preserving the health of the teeth and preventing costly dental restoration treatments.

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