4 Procedures for a Smile Makeover

Posted on: December 19, 2019

smile makeover St George, UT

There are many reasons to get a smile makeover. In addition to the more obvious visible improvements, a better smile can increase confidence and overall health. While many people consider undergoing this type of transformation, fewer are aware of the actual procedures involved. Changing the look and health of teeth usually involves more than one procedure and can require several treatments. The process will be different for each patient based on the current condition of the teeth and existing medical conditions, but most people will need some or all of the following procedures to get the best smile possible.

Restructuring procedures

Sometimes the teeth must be adjusted and health concerns addressed before any cosmetic procedures can take place.

1. Teeth restoration

Many people have teeth that are missing, decayed, misaligned or damaged. The first steps of getting a smile makeover can involve simply making the mouth healthier by replacing lost teeth, filling cavities or cracks and switching out old or metal fillings for new, tooth-colored ones. 

2. Braces or aligners

Straight, symmetrical teeth are something most people want, and many times getting teeth properly spaced and aligned can be a key step to transforming a smile. While wearing braces or aligners as an adult may not seem desirable, the end result can be more than worth it. Especially in cases of an improper bite, having it corrected can not only improve the look of a smile but also prevent teeth from unnecessary damage due to uneven chewing 

Cosmetic procedures

Even straight, healthy teeth can still benefit from a smile makeover

3. Gum correction 

While not necessarily a health concern, gums that cover too much of the teeth or gum recession can be unsightly. A dental professional can remove excess gum tissue where necessary through a procedure called a gingivectomy, or add tissue to receding gums through gum grafting. 

4. Tooth whitening and recontouring 

One of the most common, affordable and simplest cosmetic dental procedures is tooth whitening. Removing stains from the enamel of teeth allows the natural white color to shine through again. Even undergoing this step can drastically improve the look of a smile and provide increased confidence levels. While some choose to attempt to tooth whitening at home, the products available for this tend to be less effective and more time-consuming to use. Applying chemicals without professional help can also lead to chemical burns on the gum tissue or extreme tooth sensitivity.

In some cases, teeth that are uneven, irregular or a bit crooked can be slightly reshaped to provide a more symmetrical appearance. Although not an option for more major issues, smaller aesthetic anomalies can be corrected this way.


Most people can benefit from some level of a smile makeover. Whether the entire mouth needs restructured through restructuring procedures like restoring and straightening teeth, or only cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening are necessary, improving a smile can improve other areas of life and health as well. 

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