3 Reasons To Choose Implant Supported Dentures

Posted on: December 19, 2019

implant supported dentures St George, UT

Implant supported dentures have gained popularity in recent years due to the many benefits for patients. For those wishing to replace all teeth, these models typically provide higher satisfaction than traditional dentures. After the initial consultation, an oral surgeon usually places implants into the jawbone, and after the surgical sites have healed, a dentist fabricates a denture that snaps into place on the implants. This procedure can be done to replace top or bottom teeth and typically provides more stability than traditional dentures.

3 benefits of implant supported dentures

While there are many benefits to a denture that is held in place by implants, some of the main advantages are the natural appearance of these restorations, the ability to speak and chew better and the health benefits for the jawbone. 

1. Denture retention

Many patients with traditional dentures find that it can be difficult to keep them in the mouth because there is nothing to anchor to. This difficulty only gets worse as the denture wears down over time. Patients often resort to denture adhesive, which can be messy and inconvenient. Having loose dentures can cause anxiety when eating out with friends and cause patients to not go out as much.

With implant supported dentures, there is usually no need for adhesive because the denture snaps into place. This allows better chewing and speaking without the risk of the denture falling out. It also decreases sore spots on the gums because it is anchored to a titanium post versus the patient's gum ridge. 

2. Bone health

When a tooth is pulled, the bone level in the jaw tends to shrink in that area. However, when implants are placed, some of this bone resorption can be halted. This is important for denture patients, as sufficient bone levels are necessary to retain a denture. When bone levels are changing drastically, dentures may have to be remade or relined frequently. Therefore, implant supported dentures can be a preferable option for not only jawbone health but also a better financial investment. 

3. Appearance

Dentures can be made with any tooth or gum shade to look as natural as possible, but implant supported dentures can provide an even better aesthetic than traditional dentures. Because of increased retention and less movement, these type of dentures typically look natural and stable when talking and eating. People may not be able to tell that a patient is wearing false teeth because of the enhanced function and appearance. These dentures can sometimes be fabricated to mimic special characteristics of a patient's previous smile, such as a gap. 


Due to the plethora of benefits than implant supported dentures offer, this popular option is chosen by many patients. For those considering this treatment, a thorough consultation is needed with the dentist fabricating the denture and the oral surgeon placing the implants to ensure that the patient is an appropriate candidate. With attention to regular dental appointments and proper home hygiene habits, this option can restore a patient's smile for years to come.

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